Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Couple Good Years

Nothing like a gray February day to make you a bit nostalgic. When I sat down at my computer it was light outside. I'm suddenly realizing it is dark in my room and I am intensely staring at the burning lamp that is now my computer screen. What have I done these past couple years? Graduated from college. Moved to Chicago. Saw my first snowy beach. Moved out of Chicago. Made some new friends. Saw some old ones...what's next for me? sigh....who knows...maybe I should turn on a light.


  1. You should get your butt to Arizona before I start looking like a fatty on the dance floor!

  2. That picture of Matt and John at the wedding gets me every time. Suz, your blog is awesome! Keep it up... NIPS

  3. great posts!!! Your students are awesome.

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