Sunday, November 21, 2010

Repro Quilt finally finished

Do you remember a reproduction fabric post I made almost A YEAR ago? Well guess who learned how to finish a project. Aside from a couple hand-dyed fabrics and some run-of-the-mill white muslin, these are all 30s reproduction prints. If fabric history has any appeal to you (I'm speaking to about .5% of the population right now) here is a nice little article on fabric during that era.

Notice the quilt pattern - quilting notions! scissors, thimbles, needles, wonderful, yes? OH! and I got a little adventurous with my backing. Rather than my normal straight yardage, I mimiced the piano key border and ran a strip through the middle.

Please ignore the unfinished edges. I still have binding to do, but just couldn't wait to finish that before posting.


  1. This is absolutely stunning, Hon! I'm so impressed; my mother is an avid quilter so I easily write off others' work b/c I'm familiar with what really good work looks like but THIS is amazing! I've never seen such intentional an creative quilting. Thanks for sharing and a big congrats!

  2. love it. Absolutely love the sewing motif too