Tuesday, November 13, 2012

R&R Watercolor

After wrapping up an all consuming project (more on that later) I needed something to center me again. Something that didn't include an entire bag of Dove chocolates (prob cause I ate em all) OR a Jillian Michaels scream fest OMG-How-Did-I-Get-This-Out-Of-Shape guilt trip spiral. Something so cathartic that I might actually feel a little zzzzzen...

Two things: being still. and water. (Ick, I'm rolling my eyes at the Buddhist-mass-appeal/horrible irony of someone like me trying to state something like that)

Let me start over. I set up some junk lying around my house and then I painted it. Afterwards, I felt pretty good.

I can't resist a photo op for Scraps. And she loves her new painting. So much that she takes naps on it.

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