Monday, October 28, 2013

A Penny Shaved

My entrepreneurial (definitely didn't spell that correctly the first three attempts) friend, Perrin, has started a new adventure into the world of shaving products. An odd venture, one might think, but I'm willing to bet that in a few months, A Penny Shaved will be your #1 shaving resource website :)

Below is the logo I designed for him. Good luck, P!


  1. Hi Su, love the logo for Perrin. Where can we look at your other portfolio and how can we engage your service? =)

    1. Since cutting back on freelance work, this blog has become my only online portfolio. I label most posts, so do a search for what you are looking for specifically and hopefully you will find it. That's a super lame response, but I hope it helps and thanks for the encouraging comment!

    2. Hey Popcorn Eater,

      If you haven't already contacted Suz for design work, here is how. Use the contact information on her profile here:

      (It took my a while to find the contact info myself, but after seeing the whole blog I was convinced she would be the best)

      She did a spectacular job and surpassed my already high expectations. You can see the logo she made for me on my site.

      I tried to use first and got something like 100 entries and none of them were even close to the quality of Suzanne's work. Don't bother wasting your time looking somewhere else if you still need a logo or want a better logo.

  2. nice logo, can I ask you to design a logo for my website?