Thursday, February 20, 2014

Suz Design

After years of telling myself that I would remake my portfolio website, I finally sat down and did it. It was one of those projects that got made...and then remade...and then abandoned...and than frantically remade. It's sufficient to say that overall the process was not pretty. The funny thing is, after months of brainstorming and planning, I really did just sit down one Saturday afternoon and make it from start to finish. I suppose that just goes to show that when you get fed up enough with your own procrastination, anything can be accomplished.

As you can already see, this blog has not been getting tons of action as of late. With the conception of my new site, that's probably going to be even more the case than ever. (One thing they probably teach bloggers in blog school is not to out right tell people to stop reading their blog. But, I'm pretty much doing that, back to it...) Eventually, I will be blogging over at That's a very TBA type of eventually. Don't hold me to a timeline. If I come back six months from now and this is still the only design blog of mine that exists, well, I must have been too busy lying on tropical beaches sipping slushy drinks...ahhhh....only in dreams. In reality, I was probably sitting in a dark room hunched over a glowing computer screen causing my glasses prescription to jump from -4.5 to -5.0....the agony!! When will my eyes stop getting worse? I want lasik so badly!

Realizing that was a tangent.

Anyway, stop by my site. Check out my stuff. If you send me a message, I'll draw you a little cartoon and email it back to you. Tootles!

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