Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day Job

Welcome to my current day job. Starting from top to bottom: Art II showcasing vibrant colors and watercolor v. acrylic styles in flowers. Followed by Art I, establishing value through different ink techniques, and then throwing in a splash of subtle watercolor for some organic flava flav (that's technical jargon for educational purposes). Thirdly, a couple 8th grade eggshell watercolors. They first glued cracked eggshells onto illustration board, then watercolored a beeeutiful bird, while of course discussing which came first? The egg or the bird? Well, not really, we actually just jammed to Beyonce, but it was a good thought. LASTLY, Art IV - displays the breadth of their watercoloring skill showing range from painting human skin to the soft petal of a flower.

I feel like a proud parent. I'm so excited to see how talented they are and how much more they are going to improve. Bravo, class!


  1. Absolutely adoring the pen-and-inks. I would frame those and put them in my house.

  2. I'm so glad to see some eggshell mosaic action happening, but even more, I'm thrilled that you are jamming to beyonce with your students.

  3. If they made art that looked that good listening to Beyonce, just think about what they could create if Justin Bieber was playing.