Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Let's Learn Embroidery

After doing a little dilly dally doodl'n, I thought the finished product looked like it needed to be embroidered. Framed by a sewing hoop. Can't you see it?? hmmm.....a new hobby! Now that get's my blood pumping. Rather than focus on finishing one of the hundred projects I have scattered around in various stages of completion, I think I'll just put them all on hold and learn something new. Anyone in the midwest want to teach me how to embroider? I suppose I could go to the library and get a book, but that steals half the fun of learning a new craft.

Now that I have embroidery on the brain I found Jenny Hart and Sera Waters. ooooo....ahhhh....lovely lovely. They seamlessly (pun somewhat intended) blend stitching with sketching. How can I resist?


  1. These are your "doodles"?! Geesh!

  2. Ok, Suzanne. I love this. You are an amazing artist and an amazing person!