Monday, May 3, 2010

Learning to Grow

This weekend I planted my very first vegetable garden! Hopefully in a month or so I will start to see the juicy fruits of my labor - tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, peppers, snap peas, beans, and in a couple smaller pots, cilantro and lemon basil. Well, I guess I can't take all the credit. My hardworking neighbors were invaluably helpful. Now my biggest problem is deer....any ideas?


  1. To the deer: chicken wire cages. This won't work forever, but will at least keep them away while your babies grow.

    Also, it's hard to tell how big your pots are from the pictures, but you're probably going to want to space your plants out further so they can grow big. I put one tomato plant in about a 15-in round pot. The peppers will need a little less room, maybe a foot between plants. And the beans/peas you may crowd a bit, but they'll need something to climb!

    Also, and unrelated, I'm taking my first trip to chicago soon, and I think I'll be calling you for recommendations!

  2. wonderful ideas. I most definitely got overly excited and probably crowded all of my plants....hmmm...

    I'll try that chicken wire and let you know how it goes. That's a much better idea than spraying stinky chemicals all over them

  3. Suz! Stacey and I decided upon the same endeavor this weekend. I have no advice. We purchased our veggies (tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, and cilantro) less than 72 hours ago, and our lettuce is already looking pretty shabby. I mean, I've killed bamboo before. Not a good sign. Hopefully, this will turn out better. We've already cut some cilantro, and we'll be using it tomorrow in our dinner. So that's kinda cool.

  4. Random person you haven't talked to since September commenting on your blog: :)

    So glad to hear/see you're planting will love it. It's very you. :) And good choices on the veggies to plant. To echo Rachel, my only comments would be to go to the dollar store and get some large .5 cubic feet pots for at least the tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers & squash. Also, for a reason I can't define, I've always found the the rectangular pots are more apt to I'm going to deduce that they don't drain as well. So watch how much you water.

    Also...I've heard that planting marigolds on the perimeter of your garden & hanging (don't laugh) a potpurri bag w/ Irish Spring soap shavings help to keep deer away. And the cage. :)

    That's all the advice I have. Hope all goes well and you're enjoying the beautiful Spring.
    Shannon Grantham.