Monday, May 31, 2010

Garden LOVE

I'm in love a little. Maybe it's infatuation, I don't care, but I've become enamored with vegetables. Not so much to eat, but just to water and watch. My vege-love even spread enough to allow a few flowers in my garden. That wildish looking flower pot was put together by a one John Plakmeyer and yours truly.

I tried to hold off on the chicken wire for as long as possible, but a couple days ago when I found a little bunny snacking on my sugar snap peas, I knew it was war. And I wasn't going to lose. Feeling strangely like Mister McGregor, I dawned my sun bonnet and strung up a bit of a fence. That'll do it. Right?


  1. Suz, nice arms. P90X-totally working. I like the garden too, can we eat your veggies when i come to visit?

  2. I like how you made a little wire heart in your fence. It's like you're flipping the bunnies the bird, with love.

  3. We are two peas in a pod. Aaron can attest that I'm a little crazed about our garden as well. (I've only named one plant). Luckily our whole yard is fenced in so I don't have to give any bunnies the bird, with or without love.