Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A couple thoughts more than a Lino

Yes, it has been a couple years since I dawned a cap and gown and received an empty diploma case. But if that's true, why do I still feel like a kid? Like a college kid?
"Most of my friends who are graduating are artsy and have no clue about their future," a Harvard sophomore told me..."When my friends are asked what they plan on doing next year, they vaguely mention either organic farming in a foreign country, living in an artist's commune, or Brooklyn."

Taken from The New Yorker, May 31,2010 [another way of being pretentious. deepest apologies]

It's funny reading those words back to myself after probably writing those same revolutionary ideas in my journal back in '08. hmph. Maybe seeing those ideas, and finding a bit of humor in them, is growing a small way.

And those pics are what I did before bed last night. Testing out some linoprint ideas...

Oh, and I still want to WWOOF around the world. Doubt that will ever change. ;)

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  1. Organic farming, living in an artist's commune, working as a corporate accountant, oh the dreams of our youth.