Tuesday, January 12, 2010

John Williams Design

During a conversation with my boyfriend John last night I told him that he should get a blog. (I discovered the world of blogging a couple weeks ago and now I can't shut up about it.) Although he has enormous potential to become an artist (as you can see by his masterpiece in Microsoft Paint) he has yet to fully tap into that potential. After a moment of thought he came up with the idea of John Williams Design. So pretty much his blog would take everything from mine, "fix it" in Paint, then re-post it a couple days later. We'll judge the future success of that blog by how many comments he gets on today's entry.


  1. Suzy, I have often said that your works are some of my favorites and perhaps some of the best around. However, John's edits of your works are like seeing the face of god in your most desperate hour. Through his mastery of Microsoft Paint, John channels the most intense, yet subtle and complex human emotions that could possibly be conveyed in visual form. In fact, very soon i am planning on giving away all of my material possessions in order to embark on a spiritual journey to follow John in his life, learning from his spirit and being enlightened by his art, and, hopefully, touching his body. Thus, though I will not need the John Williams Design blog to enjoy his works, I vote that the blog should indeed be erected to expose his works to all the world.

  2. I was really unaware of John's talents. Suz, its never good to date a competitor. You should probably just give up all of your artist aspirations.