Wednesday, January 20, 2010

just call me "Teach"

The reason I haven't posted in almost a week might have something to do with that cute smile full of braces [this is where I insert a picture of a 7th grade girl smiling while holding up a monster she just drew. I was about to upload a picture of it when I realized that might be slightly illegal now]. I have become a 7th - 12th grade art teacher for officially TWO days. Since technically I cannot show what we did today, I will share the website which inspired my 7th grade inky monsters....scary doesn't describe it. The Daily Monster.

So far so good. But who's to say? Onward ho to day THREE!


  1. Doesn't teaching rock?! I'm nearing the end of my first semester. . . I'm so afraid that I am going to get AWFUL reviews. . .
    Remember that time you spilled ink on the baby blanket that I was hand quilting for my baby sister in Shelter Gardens. . . :P Dare I say. . . early ink monster.
    love you, miss you, and anything else I left out.

  2. hahaha....I have actually blocked out any ink-spilling for obvious (unbearable guilt) reasons. I love teaching more every day, and dare I say...That sentiment goes for my students too.

    Hope I didn't just set myself up for a Wednesday of chaos...