Tuesday, April 6, 2010

a Cover and a Card

Hitting the streets yesterday was my design for the April edition of Marketplace magazine. This magazine is affiliated with The Add Sheet, which also happens to be nominated for Small Business of 2010 by the Columbia, MO Chamber of Commerce. Along with the cover I designed the interior ad for Christian Fellowship School. Kind of a fun deal since it is my alma mater.

For the past month at Marketplace magazine I have been slowly redesigning their corporate identity. Here are their new business cards. Viola!


  1. If you are making a brochure and need a male model for "Hip Hop Dance School", "School of Hott" or "Oh DAAAAmn School"

    Or any school at which the uniform is cut off jean shorts with the pockets hanging out the bottom or you are required to wear a mesh tank top at all times.

    Or a school that has a class that combines anatomy and Greek gods.

    Nevermind. I forgot you are dating John. You will never need any of this.

  2. "You will never need any of this" as in he has your covered.