Thursday, April 15, 2010

Window Painting

After finding a whole trunk load of old windows in an alley, I thought I could just whitewash the frames and get to painting the glass...not so much. Obviously these windows were thrown out for a reason. That reason? I found out after applying my first coat of paint...wood rot. It took about five coats of paint per window to cover up that stuff. And gosh, I'm sure it's going to come back in a couple years. O well. Who said art was permanent?

Acrylic on glass. Also haven't found a good way to seal this without getting weird spots on the glass. Ideas anyone?


  1. Suzy, I really might be one of your biggest fans. I wish I had the money to pay you to fill whole rooms with your artwork.

    (Clearly, I love this one, too.) :)

  2. …and that's an artful way of reusing windows. Yep, they were thrown out for a reason, but you gave them life again. This particular work of yours is nicely done! How many of these windows did you paint?